Traditions, however important, are not enough. Not even when we talk about one hundred year’s experience handed down from generation to generation to produce an award-winning product. In order to be successful, any company, no matter how well it has performed in the past, has to face the many risks posed by an unpredictable market. Thus, Mario Costa’s brand has been developing new strategies and solutions to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. The philosophy of the two siblings Davide and Federica Fileppo Zop, Managing Directors of the company located in Novara, follows the principle of adjusting traditional cheese making to changing customer needs, especially those from abroad, by introducing new technologies, careful investment planning, effective marketing, and a consumer protection policy.
David and Federica Fileppo Zop, at the helm of Mario Costa S.p.A., are heavily investing in a new plant: a real challenge. The new plant will be built by means of a steel truss, which is quite innovative for the Italian market. The steel truss consists of modular spatial elements, which, in addition to providing a high seismic resistance, allows for possible future expansion of the plant. The new facility will cover an area of about 6,000 m2 within an area of ​​about 28,000 m2.
Its special modular structure will make it possible to have a technical room, spanning the entire facility, which will guarantee a higher degree of health and hygiene of the workplace – the plant environment will not be affected by any sort of new construction or maintenance – and organize innovative guided plant tours as well. With an eye to the environment, the plant will be powered by an energy saving tri-generation system.
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