Legend has it that Gorgonzola was invented because of a love story between a young dairyman and his master's daughter. One day the young dairyman, thinking about his beautiful girlfriend, mixed by mistake two different curds giving rise to a weird cheese. As punishment, his master paid him with the cheese he wrongly made. However, this cheese turned out to be good and tasty and, at last, the dairyman was able to marry the girl receiving as a wedding gift a wheel of his own cheese!
Manzoni wrote about it in his novel "The Betrothed ": Renzo, fleeing to the countryside of Milan, was indeed offered some stracchino cheese and wine at a guesthouse located between Milan and Gorgonzola. Why was the cheese being called stracchino instead of Gorgonzola? Because stracchino was made out of milk of weary (stracche) cow herds that used to rest in Gorgonzola, a small village near Milan. This is why the city of Gorgonzola is widely accepted as the place of origin of the homonymous cheese.
Legend has it that on the night of St. George, April 23rd, all the peasants stopped working distracted by a comet passing by, thus, forgetting all about the milk that they were attending to. The story goes that it was the magical power of the comet to give rise to a new atypical veined cheese, the Gorgonzola.
A hermit named Concordio contemporary of Ambrogio, the bishop of Milan, is represented in the act of giving to the priest a wheel of "Devil's Cheese", which the bishop "appreciated for its taste, but not its name." The story goes that for quite some time the Gorgonzola was indeed called the "Devil's Cheese", and that the popular name was later banned by Bishop Ambrogio who didn't think it as a good idea to attribute to such a delicious cheese the name of our tempter. In the end, the bishop of Milan changed the caseus diaboli (devil's cheese) name to caseus concordiolus, ie hermit Concordio's cheese.
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