Mario Costa starts up a dairy farm
in Vinzaglio near Novara
The Gorgonzola Dolcificato by Costa
wins the top award at the Dairy Fair
in Milan
Mario Costa moves its headquarters
from Vinzaglio to Corso Vercelli, Novara
Mario Costa's brother in law, Giovanni
Agnesina, takes over the Costa dairy factory
After Agnesina's death, the founder's
daughter's son, Federico Fileppo Zop, takes
over the Costa company Fileppo Zop
Federico Fileppo ZOP becomes the president
of the Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio
Costa wins the 1st Trofeo San Lucio at the
prestigious Dairy Competition of the Scuola
Casearia di Pandino.
Davide Fileppo ZOP and his sister Federica,
fourth generation Costa family members, are
at the helm of the company Costa
The "Dolcificato Gran Riserva" by Costa wins
the Tuttofood Cheese Award
In 1924, the sweet and creamy gorgonzola
wasn't yet born, but the company had already
been working on the Dolcificato Costa
The Mario Costa cheese factory is one of the most relevant companies in the Italian food industry. To this day, the company has remained true to its Gorgonzola-making tradition while introducing innovative business strategies that have dramatically improved its production rates.
We have combined our long time experience in cheese craftsmanship with a modern vision to start up a dynamic company that truly and passionately believes in our past traditions.
Frederico Fileppo Zop, the youngster that took over the business after Mario Costa's brother in law Giovanni Agnesina passed away, used to say that success is strictly dependent on the artisan's motivation and skills, and that each artisan should employ only those practices that are most faithful to the tradition by paying great attention to the smallest detail of the production process, starting from the raw materials until the last step of the supply chain. The recognition from the market led our company to such a fast growth that we soon had to move into a newer, larger and better equipped cheese factory located in Corso Vercelli, Novara, which is still our current address. Right here, from the early 70s until 2008, Fileppo Zop proved to be a skilled manager and a careful administrator, able to plan ahead while never forgetting the true values ​​of the past and ethical business practices.
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